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Femboy Fashion - by Eagle Summers 

FMBF101 - Mystery 

 To start off this look we have a form fitting black graphic print T-shirt. i love the graphic here, it gives of mystic vibes. white against black always pops and looks rad. 

2. These freaking jeans, love the gradient style. these will stand out almost everywhere. keeping the basics of the look with a monochrome base. wearing these pants low on your hips will give shape to your figure. 

3. Super rad sleeved scarf! fuck yes! this will give the outfit a soft edge and a mysterious touch of femininity along with the t shirt. they come in a range of colours and can be found here 

4 & 5. To add a splash of colour to the look these chunky Osiris skate shoes and galaxy print belt will really stand out. 

A pretty casual look, but totally rad, warm and comfy. keep it classy out there guys and gals. 


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