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Anonymous asked:

Ah so, if society were to let go and lose the conceptions of gender assigning, which is of course something which we all hope will one day happen, but if it does then do you think concepts of feminine traits and masculine traits will also vanish, thus ending the idea of a femboy because there is no gender assigning?

That is not entirley what i meant. I’m not sure i like the idea of everyone being genderless automitones.

The issue isnt the gendered traits themselves, more the stigma that surrounds them.
Part 1 
Gender placement

In mainstream thought you have gender A and gender B, these are seen as being mutually exclusive.

In some cases (on the premise that transgenderism is widely accepeted for this scenario) A can be B so long as B is then its sole gender, and vice versa.

The problem is when A identifies as A but has the gender traits of B, A identifies as A+B and shows gender traits of both, or when A or B identifies as neither (gender C) but holds traits of A, B or A+B.

So, A cannot be simmilar to B in any way without it being seen as “other”.

Part 2 
Defining gender

To have gender A and gender B in place, we need to define their characteristics.

Gender A is seen to hold characteristics 1-5 

A - 1,2,3,4&5

Gender B is seen to hold characteristcs 6-10 

B - 6,7,8,9&10

When either A or B is seen to hold traits outside their alingment this again is seen as “other”. In reality we know traits 1 through 10 (excluding some physical traits) are shared by both A and B.

In conclusion traits asinged both to A and B can be shared rather than eliminated as long as they are not seen as a bad thing, the issue we face is that in mainstream thought sharing these traits is seen as a bad thing.

Eliminate the concept of the “other” not the defined traits themselves.



xidoah asked:

what do you do when you're stumped for inspiration on making a new outfit or look?

To be honest i only create an outfit when they come to mind, i rarely sit down for the purpose of making one. More, i will make one when an idea arrives.

Although, it is different when i put clothes on to go out, then i can spend quite a while trying things on until i find something that works.

In my case, the more i think about it, the less natural an outfit looks.




Anonymous asked:

what separates a femboy from someone who's just a transvestite? Is it a distinction without a difference? Or is femboy a specific form of transvestism? I love your blog and i'm quite sad that you have a boyfriend ahaha ;P
Here is an old answer from a similar question. “

my views of crossdressing:

 I look at crossdressing as a mindstate.

If you are wearing clothes asigned to your gender, this is normal.

Crossdressing implies that you are wearing clothes of the “other”. In most cases we see the “other” as “outsider”, “to be feared “or “wrong”.

If you asign all clothing to all genders you eliminate the concept of the “other”. 
Sadly i can’t see that happening in society any time soon. But thats how i look at it. I hope that clears up my position a bit. ” In summary, i don’t think identifying as a femboy and being a transvestite are linked in any way, shape or form. Regards, Eagle~


Anonymous asked:

where did you get the entire outfit pieces where its a tank top a shirt shorts cuffs highknee leopard printed socks etc from?

New look, H&M and some small stores in the lanes at brizzy.

I mostly buy clothes on a whim so i don’t remember where i get things a lot of the time.

Hope that helps!



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